LBI Inshore and Offshore Tuna Trips

Offshore Fishing from LBI

Fishing for Tuna and other offshore game fish like Marlin, Swordfish and Mahi are a favorite among many Long Beach Island thrill seekers.

This Long Beach Island charter boat captains takes anglers out for extended trips lasting up to 24 hours. Trolling in the daylight hours and chunking at night is the ultimate fishing experience.

Check out out Trips and Info page. You'll find a large selection of offshore Tuna trips.


LBI Blue Fishing Charters

Bluefish Charter from LBI

Bluefish are one of the best fighting fish around. 

A typical Long Beach Island fishing charter often includes catching some of these great fighting fish.

The bays around Long Beach Island are loaded with schools and they're also caught in the ocean and the inlet. Just look for bird action and you'll find a school of blues.

Many people say that Bluefish are great fighting but not that great tasting. This LBI charter boat captain says that if their fileted and all the dark brown meat is removed they're delicious. Dip the fillet in beaten egg, dredge with white flour and pan fry to a golden brown. In this way they're not fishy tasting, but the secret is to remove every last bit of the brown meat. The smaller fish are better tasting than the big ones.


LBI Sea Bass and Wreck Fishing

Sea Bass inhabit the wrecks off Long Beach Island, and this Long Beach Island charter boat captain is very familiar with the places these fish love to hide.

This type of fishing is great for the entire family. The legal size for Sea Bass for 2014 is the same as last year, 12.5". Sea Bass have a great tasting firm white meat that can be fried, broiled or poached. Open season is May 19th through September 6th.


LBI Summer Flounder Fishing

LBi Summer Flounder FishingFluke (Summer Flounder) are on the move in early spring and so are the Long Beach Island charter boats.

Fluke have been a staple around Long Beach Island for years. The Fluke move into the area around Barnegat Inlet and Long Beach Island in early spring based on water temperature and other factors.

They're typically caught while drift fishing. Unlike Sea Bass who like to hide in rocks and other structure, Fluke lay flat or slightly bury themselves in the sand to blend in. Fluke are usually found in between the structure out on the reef or in the areas nearby.

As the season progresses the Fluke action continues, and this Long Beach Island charter boat captain puts his customers on the fish.


Striped Bass Fishing From LBI

Striped Bass Fishing LBIStripers are abundant around Long Beach Island and Barnegat Inlet late spring/early summer and during the fall run.

We catch them by trolling along the beach or trolling close to pods of bait fish with spoons. Casting into a bait fish school and allowing the lure to sink below the school often produces a strike from a Striper.

Another popular method is clamming and chunking in the rips.