LBI Fishing Report week of 5-3-14

Fishing Report Week Of 1/3/14

 The Captain and crew of the William Knorr are readying the vessel for the season. The pre-season maintenance is well underway.

 As usual we are signed up with OFFSHORE SATELLITE SERVICES for the latest in sea surface temperature data, thermal contouring data, 50-fathom topographic charts, off shore weather forecasts, and fishing reports. This information, together with the reports from other local charter boat captains returning from sea ensures that Capt Tim is always up on what's going on out there. Having accurate data like sea surface temperatures and thermal contouring provides a starting point to begin hunting. Knowing how the other boats did and where they were further solidifies the decision were we go and increases your chances of a successful trip.

 Satellite-generated ocean temperature charts are an invaluable aid to the avid offshore sport fisherman who takes the time to understand how to use them. To an angler who can't tell the difference between fathom curve lines and thermal contouring lines, or who does not know the preferred water temperatures and habits of his quarry, the charts are of little interest. Ask a knowledgeable captain and he can probably tell you the water temperatures within a 20-mile radius of his vessel and how they correspond to bottom contour and the fish he is seeking.

Surface temperature charts tell you where you can locate potential fishing hot spots or what areas contain the dynamics to attract baitfish then the gamefish we seek. They can indicate what species of gamefish would be more apt to be found in a specific location, so you can plan offshore fishing trips for the most productive type of fishing techniques- daytime trolling or nighttime chunking in the case of tuna. They can also indicate when you should save fuel, stay home and cut the grass. Not every chart generated through satellite imagery will provide earth shattering information, but it is exciting when you receive a chart that shows the water configurations and temperatures that point to a potential hot spot.


What's Happening

The captain & crew of the Charter Boat WILLIAM KNORR are getting the gear and the boat ready for the season. A few things remain but the boat is in the water and will be ready to go soon. As soon as the Stripers show up in decent numbers we'll get out there. For now it seams the first keepers are showing up a little later than most years but there's been some throwbacks reported. Nothing spectacular yet.

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