Captain Tim Knorr

Capt. Tim Knorr is a licensed U.S.C.G. Captain and operates the Charter Boat WILLIAM KNORR. A lifelong Jersey Shore Fisherman the captain lives for the thrill of offshore big game sport fishing. Captain Tim Knorr prefers to spend his time 100 miles off shore searching for Tuna, Marlin and other Pelagic species, but is equally experienced at inshore bottom fishing, shark fishing, off shore winter wreck fishing, and targeting stripers in the spring and fall.
Capt. Tim believes that putting fish in the box is job one, and providing an enjoyable fishing experience is just as important. Capt. Tim says teaching others the proper techniques and the science behind finding and catching fish is what makes it enjoyable for him. And there's nothing better than seeing them catch on to the proper techniques and go home with a story to tell and the catch to go along with it. Some of the most memorable trips are the family trips with school aged children. The kids get so charged up he says it reminds him of when he was a kid fishing with his father.
At the other end of the spectrum are the die hard off shore guys looking to score big in the canyons. The Tuna fishery off the New Jersey coast is alive and well if you understand the science behind it, and have the tools to find the fish. Over the years the captain and his crew have perfected their ability to hunt for tuna and other game fish.
Call Capt. Tim at (908) 963-1190 to discuss what's happening out there and to set up a trip.